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Opinions wanted: Choosing Broker after SNB Floor Removal

Hello, I am conflicted about the options for a brokerage account that I am now facing in light of recent events and would enjoy hearing others opinions.
Pertinent Information:
I recently received an email from Finfx stating that they could no longer accept US clients but had secured a deal with a broker in Grenada called "Tallinex". All of my funds, open positions, and accounts are to be moved automatically to a Tallinex server the first of next month.
I have long considered hedging my risk by holding accounts with multiple brokers, and because of recent events I am more inclined than ever to do so. The only issue I am facing is selection of brokers. I have always known that if i were to open a US account it would be with FXCM but I am not sure about how safe that would be now, especially if my goal is to hedge risk; However, as far as US accounts go they are by far the least expensive to trade. So my questions are:
  1. Should I keep my funds with Tallinex? I am conflicted about their reviews and regulatory standards.
  2. Should I open an account with FXCM? They are by far the least expensive broker I know of and are very well regulated and known, but would my funds be safe there if they close down?
  3. Should I open accounts at two different brokers to hedge my risk? Perhaps one in the US as a primary account and one off shore that allows hedging and higher leverage. And if so should those two brokers be FXCM and Tallinex?
I prefer being able to be able to hedge and have access to high leverage, however i would weight the cost of daily trading lower than the risk of having my funds in an account where it would not be safe.
My current Opinion is that I should open an account with FXCM as I do not necessarily need to hedge or use high leverage, however I am unsure of the relative safety of doing that. If it is to risky than perhaps another US broker like OANDA would be good because I can feel safe with my money being there as well as their prices (though they are not stellar).
Thanks for any and all responses! I have lurked this sub for almost a year for entertainment and relaxation, but I hope to be more active in the future.
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